9:50 am Marti Harder & Piera Jung

What matters - views of older adults residing in central Vancouver Island. Theme: Health, Resilience & Well-Being.
This community-based research explores what matters most in everyday life to older adults living independently in the community,   Through this descriptive qualitative study, using case study methods, the authentic voices of adults, over 70 years of age, in the Central Vancouver Island region will be shared.  The project is undertaken in partnership with the Central Island Chapter of Gerontological Nurses Group of BC (GNABC), whose focus is to support and advance the professional interests of gerontological nurses in efficient and effective healthcare of older adults.  Data was collected in-depth interviews with 11 participants ranging in age for early 70s to early 90s.  The findings of this project may help nurses and nursing students to better understand older adult's views of what they value.  Initial dissemination of findings in the form of a video will be showcased at the provincial GNABC conference being held in Nanaimo in April as well as two showings at two of our regional campuses as community events to promote dialogue about what matters to older adults. Highlights for the data analysis to date, opportunities and challenges of community based research through our experiences, and insights gained through working in a research team environment inclusive of undergraduate students will be shared.