11:10am Kenneth Chooi

The Green Point Project: A Sustainable Journey. Theme: Resilience of Island, Coastal & Rural Regions
This presentation explores the concept of Sustainability through a living lab project. The Green Point Project is located in an ecological sensitive environment, a significant first nations archeological site, a Garry Oak reserve and is part of the Cowichan Bay/Estuary. It is home to essential wildlife and the project is situated at the base of Mount. Tzouhalem. The project is located in a rural forest, next to an ocean coastline.  Surrounded by nature on all sides, the project’s Biophillic approach is to establish sensorial connections to it’s surroundings through the following:
1.              Sight
2.              Sound
3.              Materials
4.              Local natural elements
5.              Inside outside spaces
6.              Play of Natural Light
7.              Fresh air and scent
8.              Connection to Wildlife
This presentation will provide the story and background to the project which is currently under construction.