1:00pm John Predyk

The impact of the 'BC Artisans at Work' model in BC on visitor experience, business performance, & economic activity. Theme: Innovation, Entrpreneurship & Social Change
Economusee’  is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 in Quebec, Canada which now includes over 70 Artisans from across Canada and Europe.  The model promotes the preservation of traditional knowledge and local entrepreneurship by utilizing cultural tourism to showcase artisans and encourage the consumption of locally produced artisanal products. The model was introduced to the province of  British Columbia in 2010 by the Societe De Developpement Economique De La Colombie Britannique as the catalyst for the initiative 'British Columbia Artisans at Work'. SDA aims to facilitate the economic growth of rural communities in B.C. through the implementation of the Economusee’ model. The purpose of this study, carried out by a research team from Vancouver Island University in 2017/18, is to assess the impact of the model for sites in British Columbia, Canada seeking to answer two research questions: 1) What is the economic impact or change in the economic performance at the Economusee’  sites in British Columbia by adopting the Economusee’ model? And, 2. How do visitors to the  Economusee’  sites in British Columbia evaluate their overall experience? The presentation will share the approach used to measure the impact of the Economusee’ model within the province along with aggregate level data on the impact of the model in the sites within BC. The results of this study provide important insights about the use of the Economusee’ model to support the growth and viability of the artisan economy, particularly in rural BC.